Things you should know

Ask me to sing and I will say yes. It’s the time I feel most at home in my body. I have sung my way across North America, performing in every kind of venue: clubs, concert halls, chapels, forests, music festivals, studios, high school gyms, street corners, and sometimes I sing rather loudly on my very attractive bike. (I’ve even hauled a harmonium by helicopter to a mountaintop in Northern India so I could play some tunes for an international patrol of heli-skiers, but that’s another story.) I’ve made 6 albums of my own (with more to come) and I’ve sung on countless others. I am a composer, improvisor, mother, and lover of late night beats. For the record, I think the Canadian Shield is more perfect than any other landscape, and Rickie Lee Jones is an angel. If you want to know more, have a look around. If you hear something that moves you - that would be the finest thing of all.

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