It’s been a long time…

Hello friends! I’ve been incredibly remiss in updating this site since the dreaded virus struck. I hope you are all faring well. I have to say it was sad to see so many beautiful concerts, tours, and recording projects go “poof” this year, but I’m sure that they will return to my calendar and I will bring a bigger better wiser AK to the table when they do.

Despite my out of touch-ness, I’ve been incredibly busy with close to the heart art projects, plots and schemes, eating well, pickling what the garden has offered, family gathering, and finding joy in small things. The uncertainty still gets to me, but there is something strangely aligning in this enforced state of suspension. It does pull “what matters” into focus. I’m looking forward to sharing a heap of new musical creations, and spending more time wearing my theatre hat in the year ahead. I’m sure I’m not the only person with renewed clarity about their relationship with their art!

I’ll do my best to be better at updating you on the myriad of creative explosions that seem to keep happening in my head. Stay tuned…we’re just getting to the good part.