Jazz is Coming!

Hi everyone.

The last few months I’ve been drowning in a project that is monumentally beautiful to me. It’s simple and somewhat traditional jazz record with my wonderful friend and monster pianist/composer Bill Brennan. We’re aiming for a fall release in both St. Johns and Toronto, so keep your eyes peeled for news of those celebrations, and the touring that will follow. We would love to see you at a show.

What’s this new record like? Well, some of the songs are original, many are from the jazz standards repertoire, and there are even a sprinkling of reimagined hits from the 1970s that we have totally messed with. I think I was most excited about the process because there was absolute freedom and trust in the laying down of these tunes. Each one was recorded live off the floor, and that’s a dangerous idea in these days of autotune and quantizing! When I listen back, I hear people playing together in a room and taking lots of chances. I hear the air between them and the smiles on their faces, the creaks of their instruments and the occasional sharp intake of breath…and I hear musicians who are listening hard. It’s realness. I think the world might just enjoy a little more of that!

I’ll keep you posted on the progress with footage, and tasty sample tracks over the summer. I hope this record finds its way into your ears…because I’m quite sure it will make you feel something.

Thanks for stopping by!