Oh the things I’ve seen…

Hi everyone.

I’ve played in some pretty remarkable places over the last few months. It was a super busy season, with lots of symphony dates in Canada and the USA. I love singing with orchestras…and I have difficulty articulating just how powerful it is to front a band of that size and stature, to become part of their collective for an evening or two. It never ceases to amazing me actually. The other thing that is consistently amazing is the number of delightful people I encounter on these gigs. Characters, inspirations, giant hearts, geniuses…I’ve met all kinds. I think my plan is to start sharing some stories and photographs on this website soon. I think you might like to meet them too.

Stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by!


PS For anyone in London Ontario, I’ll be performing at the Grand House Party on June 22. It’s at the Grand Theatre and it’s a benefit for the womens’ shelter Anova. It’s always an honour to play this show, and the band is ridonculous. Come out if you can!