People Say…

“…what Aretha Franklin might sound like were she given Sarah McLachlan’s backing tracks to wail over.”  ALEXANDER VARTY – The Georgia Straight

“…brilliant…I’m pretty sure “Istanbul” is my new favourite song.”   KEITH POWER– Composer/Producer (Iron Man 2, Heartland)

“I popped in this wonderful CD on a long drive from Toronto to New York City. When it ended, I played it again…and again…and then again. The lyrical intimacy and musical virtuosity had me enthralled. Andrea just keeps getting better and better with every recording.”   TONY COLEMAN – Director/Filmmaker (The Mighty Uke)

“She delivers her own style of music in an organic way. The lyrics are heartfelt and smart and Andrea’s voice will soothe your soul.”  MICHAEL KAESHAMMER – Pianist/Singer/Composer

“Eclectic, exotic, exceptional – one minute she’ll venture down a jazz road, get a little “world” on us, inject a hint of pop or soul, or simply concentrate on creating the perfect soundscape to suit her muse.  ERIC THOM – SingOut Magazine

Watching Andrea sing for the sheer joy of it makes us believe that we all can fly.  DUGG SIMPSON – Vancouver Folk Music Festival AD Alumnus

Singer/songwriter Andrea Koziol proves conclusively that Toronto has an abundance of outrageously talented chicks making music that springs straight from the soul.”  KIM HUGHES – NOW Magazine

“…exquisite singing, buoyant melodies, tasty-ass playing…” ANI DIFRANCO

“…(she)  methodically entrances the listener with a gorgeous voice that comes from the theory that less is so much more.” JASON MCNEIL – All Music Guide

“One of Canada’s most promising singer-songwriters.”  JOHN SAKAMOTO Jam Entertainment/SUN

“…in the left field tradition of Jane Siberry, Loreena McKennitt, and Sarah McLachlan” MARK MILLER  The Globe & Mail

“If I told you that Lyle Lovett had just put out a record of kazoo songs that was really beautiful, deep, heartfelt, and real – you might think I was a little messed up, maybe laugh at me a bit, and just forget that I ever mentioned it.  Then I’d be “no, no but really…just listen!! “  This is kind of how I feel about telling you this – Andrea Koziol, who for years has been gracing stages and storming studios with beautiful, inspiring, heartfelt music that has nestled in the lovely nooks of jazz, pop, and folk – has suddenly sprung forward, wielding a damn ukulele; yes, that little stringy thing that begs to be pigeonholed under ‘comedy’, or at best ‘novelty’.  Andrea elevates this plucky little lute to a place that seems to focus her songs – to build a nimble little stairway that carries her voice forward – to allow its defined and sparse tone to make a space for her song writing to shine.  This is an album of songs that is going to make you wonder why, in our culture, anyone would have decided that such a big, dull, and unwieldy beast like a piano might be suitable to sing alongside.  At the very least, it’s going to leave you wondering why it took a songwriter as gifted as Andrea so many years to distil her craft down to such a direct and unencumbered place, and just rock that little instrument, her incredible band, and that voice, to finally make the album she is about to lay on this world.  But hey, that’s just my opinion.  You can go back to thinking that ‘Hotel California’ is a great piece of song writing, and that the uke is all about the tulips, and I’ll just keep listening to this new Andrea Koziol stuff, and chuckle to myself in satisfaction…”   ANDREW GILCHRIST – Producer/Engineer (Maceo Parker / Neville Brothers / Ani DiFranco)

“To experience Andrea Koziol and her big blonde voice in person is a powerful night out.  Filled with whimsy and wit, Andrea brings life and personality to her song craft, enabled by only the tastiest of musicians.  Drawn from jazz and folk sources…perhaps she will start a new genre, Soulfolk?”   DEREK ANDREWS

“Andrea continues to be slightly ahead of the curve with her latest CD “Half Way Sweet.”  Having fallen in love with the Ukulele – the instrument that seemingly has captured the musical world of late, she wrote this entire project on it.  To say that it gives her writing brilliance a fresh slant would be an understatement.   Once again, she has surrounded herself with the “cream” of the session players in Canada, this musical journey has no defined boundaries. And the live dynamic is a must!   File under:   Brilliantly unique.”  DON BIRD